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Email Settings

Dukagate provides a simple way to manage the content of emails sent out to customers and to the shop administrator. To access this feature, you need to visit the “Mail Settings” section on Dukagate > Mail Settings. You will be able to manage all the various emails that are sent by Dukagate. Dukagate allows you to define a custom admin email to which all emails will be sent to. Here is an explanation of the options available:

  • Payment Received : Allows the admin to set up email that are sent to the buyer of the product and the admin or optionally an email defined by the admin
  • Order Placed : Send an email to the user and the admin when an order is placed
  • Order Canceled : Send an email to the user and admin on an order that has been cancelled.

We are currently working on allowing a user to define their own emails and assign them to an e-commerce stage 🙂

Mail Settings