Dukagate Documentation

New Products

Creating a new Product is like creating a new post . To create a new product go to Products > Add New Product.

The product details are the same as a WordPress post. Dukagate has custom product options that are displayed to the right:

New Product


  1. Product Images – these are simply any images that are attached to the particular post. The best results are achieved if you only attach an image but not actually insert it into the post. You achieve this by clicking on the add image icon and going through the steps of adding an image/images and then clicking on “save all changes” instead of “insert into post” and closing the image upload box.
  2. Product Description – to put this, simply type something into the WordPress post editor box.
  3. Product Excerpt –if you define the excerpt for your products, it will appear as a short description of the product.
  4. Price – the amount you wish to charge for the product.
  5. Distinct Price – Set the price of the particular product to be distinct when in a grouped product.
  6. SKU – refers to a stock-keeping unit, a unique identifier for each distinct product and service that can be purchased in business.
  7. Digital File – Full url to the digital file of the product
  8. Affiliate URL – external URL of a product. When add to cart is called, it will open the URL
  9. Product Categories – Grouped product category of the product