Dukagate Documentation

Shop Settings

Here we will show you how to set up your shop

– General Settings

To access your shops general settings, go to Dukagate > Settings on the plugin menu in the admin section


  • Name of shop : This is the name of shop. It is used in invoice PDF and emails set by the shop system.
  • The Address, State / Province, Postal Code, City / Town, Country are used in invoice.
  • Currency : This is where you select the currency which shall be used in your shop. Note that the currency should be selected so that it acceptable in the Payment Mode(s) which you will select for your shop.
  • Currency Symbol : The currency symbol that will be used in the product price, emails and invoices
  • Checkout Page : Select the page that you want to be used to checkout. To create a Checkout page, simply create a blank page and paste this shortcode into it: [dg_display_cart_checkout]
  • Thank you Page : Select the page you want to be used to thank a user after a purhase and to show their transaction status. To create a Thank You page, simply create a blank page and paste this shortcode into it: [dg_display_thankyou]


– Advanced Settings

You can access Advanced Settings by going to Dukagate > Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings

  • Use Custom Product Posts : Allows you to disable or enable Dukagate Products
  • Maximum Products In Cart : Allows you to set the maximum items a user can buy. Defaults to 30
  • Grouped Products Page : Allows you to set up the grouped products page. E.g. differnet types of bread used to make a sandwich
  • Up-Selling Page : Set up the up selling page ( . This is used mainly after a grouped product is selected and you want to allow the user to buy more items
  • Up Selling page before checkout : Show the up-selling page before a user can checkout
  • Checkout product image : Show or hide product image on checkout
  • Checkout product image URL : Allow you to set up a custom image for products on checkout
  • Checkout Product Image Width and Height : Dimensions of product image in pixels
  • Display Checkout Payment Gateway Image : Display the payment gateway image instead of text